Adopt a Cat Month: You Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Cat

By Briana Kim

Social Media Specialist


June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month and with good reason—this is the time that shelters start to see an increase of cats, cats and more cats! Along with cats, June is also the peak kitten season where shelters see an influx of kittens as a result of feline breeding. You may be wondering what you can do to make a difference in such a huge problem, but any little small act will be huge in the eyes of the cats and your local shelter.

Before You Adopt a Cat…

So you’re interested in adopting a cat? Before you jump into adopting a cat, here are a few helpful tips to get you ready for the process.

A Place of His/Her Own: Cats are territorial by nature. Your cat will feel uneasy when you first adopt him—a new place may seem very unfamiliar to him. In the beginning, a good way to make your cat feel comfortable, is to create a space for him to call home. Whether this be the guest room or laundry room, furnish the place with a lot of cat toys and a cat tree/condo for him to jump around on. Once he feels more comfortable, expand to the rest of the house. Make sure you properly cat proof the room before you give your cat access to them.

Buy All Cat Supplies Before Your Cat Arrives: Buy all of his supplies before your cat arrives to the house. Your cat will need:

  • Cat bed: Cats will sleep anywhere but having a cat bed will make him have a safe spot to sleep in. The bed should be warm, soft and big enough for him to stretch his legs out when he needs to. Frisco Retangular Pet Bed is a good option or an Igloo Pet Bed if your cat enjoys more privacy.
  • Litter box: Having your cat’s litter box ready for him is very important. There are many types of litter boxes to choose from. A self cleaning litter box is programed to clean your cat’s dirty litter everytime he uses this. This is very efficient for some owners but it can be a pit pricey. A litter box that is hooded for privacy will do just fine and is way cheaper.
  • Scratching post: Your cat will need to scratch. Having ascratching post will elimate the need to scratch any of your furniture. It should be tall enough for your cat to lean on while standing on his hind legs.
  • Toys: Cats easily get bored if left alone for too long. Make sure you purchase some brain stimualating toys for them. They love toys that require for them to pounce on and swipe at. An interactive cat toy spinner is a good option or an interactive ball tower will keep your cat interested.
  • Cat tree or condo: A cat tree or condo is a must if you want a happy cat. Cats like to stalk from higher places, this gives them confidence. Your cat can lounge, pounce, scratch and so much more on a tree or a condo. Having one of these available for him will ensure that your cat feels comfortable in his environment. They do come in different sizes: 52 inch and 72 inch.

Cat-Proof the House: A very important thing to do is cat proof your whole house. Anything you consider valuable, keep it away from any rooms your cat has access to. Cats love to jump around and explore. Chances are, if you keep any valuables out in the open, they will be broken on the floor in no time! It is also important to secure any of your electrical cords. Invest in some cord protectors to prevent any horrible accidents.

Introducing Family Memebers: Having everyone in the family on the same page is a must. Before adopting your cat, make sure everyone in your family is understanding of your cat’s needs. Introducing your new adopted cat might be diffcult, but with some patiences and understanding, it is very awarding.

Picking Out a Vet Ahead of Time: Having a reliable vet is crucial for your new cat. Make sure you send all medical records you receive from the cat adoption center to your vet to review. If you adopt a kitten, you should take him with you for his first visit to ensure everything is okay.

Adopt a Cat

While searching for your cat, try to find a cat whose personaility matches with yours. Cats all have different personailities and finding one that pairs with your lifestyle is ideal. Depending on your lifestyle—i.e. if you are a first time cat owner or if have a family with small kids—having an older and calmer cat might be the best for you.

Some times shelters will have bonded cats available for you. There is a lot of benefits of having a bonded pair: rescuing and helping two cats instead of one, easier adjustment to your home, and happier cat in general. Your house is a new environment for them and it can be hard to adjust to that alone. Bonded pairs find comfort in each other and the process will be way easier on you and your kitties.

Something to consider is adopting a cat or kitten at your local shelter. Many shelters all over the country are offering specials in honor of June being Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. One example is Ventura County Animal Services who are waiving adoption fees of their cats and kittens!

There are many other shelters you can adopt from in your area. Here is are some websites that help you track down animal shelters near you.

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Adopt a Pet