Babs and Fussie Cat Babs is a medium hair domestic tabby. She was a one-year old stray when we met at a shelter. It was love at first sight for both of us. Within a few weeks of bringing her home she developed a respiratory infection. Our vet gave her an antibiotic shot and advised us that because she was a stray, we have no idea of her history. Well, within a few weeks she was back at the vet with another respiratory infection. This followed a few weeks later with an eye infection. Our vet mentioned that she may have the herpes virus. It will always be in her system and could last her whole life. At that point, I began researching the herpes virus and how it can be suppressed. I found that cats are carnivores and require meat as the primary food in their diet. A friend recommended a neighborhood pet shop that caters to the needs of the animals that might be able to help in selecting the best diet for Babs. We met with the staff, told them about Babs’ herpes virus and they recommended Fussie Cat. Babs loves Fussie Cat – did I mention that she is a finicky eater. Her absolute favorite is ‘chicken and chicken liver’, although she does enjoy several other varieties. That was nine months ago. Since then her herpes virus has remained virtually dormant.

– Jeanette Shemo