Hello, Eiger was not a healthy kitten. He had a long series of minor health problems that had us often visiting the vet. His weight would fluctuate and he contracted a few infections. At one point he had an autoimmune disease that caused his gums to become swollen and painful. Poor Eiger had to get almost all his teeth removed in two oral surgeries. Despite his health problems Eiger has always been a sweet cat, but when he was young he was very skittish and would shy away from people. He would spend a lot of his time hiding under the bed. On one of Eiger’s doctor visits our vet recommended that we try a grain free diet, so we went to the pet store and picked up a bag of Fussie Cat Chicken and Turkey. It was incredible how quickly everything changed. It seemed like Eiger became a new cat overnight. He became less skittish and much more social. Shortly after changing to Fussie Cat, we held a Christmas party at our home and, to our surprise, Eiger came out and joined the party. Typically he would hide in the bedroom until everyone one left, so it was good to see him socialize with other people. Fussie Cat has ever since been a welcome part of our cats lives.

– Nicholas Milburn