About a year ago, our cat Allie who is 16 years old, was sickly. She would vomit almost every day. She was also losing weight. We didn’t think she would live much longer. I talked to a fellow cat lover who introduced me to the Fussie Cat line of cat food. She told me it made a difference in her elderly cat and encouraged me to try it. I was skeptical, but I was willing to try it. After a couple of weeks, the vomiting stopped! Not only did she stop vomiting, she gained weight as well! Switching her to Fussie Cat has made an enormous difference. I now tell everyone I know who owns a dog or cat to buy this brand. Even though Allie is 16 years old and almost blind, she is truly enjoying her geriatric years thanks to Fussie Cat.

– Raquel Fournier