Mouthwatering Turkey

It’s the month of the turkey and what better way to celebrate than to eat a lot of delicious food! As we gather around the table to enjoy some grub, family, and maybe a little football, it’s a great opportunity to relax and think about everything that you are thankful for. Before you take that post meal nap, don’t forget that with a little Fussie Cat Chicken and Turkey, you can give your kitty their own little Thanksgiving dinner. Packed with lots of fresh meat, Fussie Cat Chicken and Turkey recipe is a healthy and tasty meal for your feline friend so that they have plenty of energy to help with the holiday rush… or nap with you on the chair.


Holiday Thanks

Thanksgiving is a holiday to give thanks to everything we hold dear, and everyone here at Pets Global would like to take this opportunity to wish a happy and safe holiday for everyone in our Fussie Cat family. Of course, not everyone gets to go home for the holidays, as thousands of men and woman serving in our military will be working both home and overseas. Pets Global is proud to give back to our veterans and those who have given so much to us, which is why we were thrilled to participate in the Veterans Gala on November 10th, 2017!

Veterans Gala

Partnering with The Mission Continues, the Veterans Gala raised money to support programs for Veteran Housing, Healthcare, Education, PTSD Counseling, Employment & Entrepreneurship. The Mission Continues is an important organization that empowers veterans as they face the challenge of adjusting to life back home. Founded by a former Navy SEAL who returned from Iraq and discovered that many wounded veterans in military hospitals wanted to know how they could continue to serve their country outside of the military, Eric Greitens formed The Mission Continues to organize events to help those in communities who need it the most.. The veterans work alongside children, teaching them various skills and life lessons as well as creating strong bonds that set great examples for the youth. As the veterans who work for Pets Global can attest to, it can be extremely difficult learning how to live as a civilian once again. Volunteer work presents a wonderful opportunity to give back while maintaining that sense of camaraderie that is only found in service. We highly encourage anyone who may be fortunate enough to donate to consider The Mission Continues.


From left to right: LT Vargas (Navy), COL Michael Corrado (Marines), SFC Peele (Army).