Hello Fussie Cat family! We all know the headache that comes with a cat who must resort to entertaining themselves during those cold winter months. While many of us have indoor cats, who are used to being inside, the same can’t be said for everyone. For those of you who have outdoor cats, we have a few tips that can help you keep them thoroughly entertained and get through this frigid Winter season with minimal damage to your house’s contents! And if you have indoor cats, the tips may help as well, as it’s always nice to have an entertained kitty! Plus, once they expend their energy, they make wonderful lap heaters!


Tip 1

Catnip is always a great choice for people who want to keep their felines preoccupied. You can sprinkle it on just about any toy and it should keep them content and happy! If your cat isn’t too destructive, you could consider getting your own catnip plant for your kitty to rub against and enjoy. Your local pet store may also have some kitty scratchers and posts (often made from cardboard or wood) that you can sprinkle some catnip on, and they can scratch at it. It’s a great way to keep them entertained, and save any furniture!

Tip 2

You could also obtain puzzles that they can play with; this will keep them mentally stimulated and entertained while you’re out of the house! If you incorporate treats into the puzzles, it is sure to keep their attention. Having a puzzle toy that can provide treats is a great way to quench that natural hunters’ instinct that all cats will have, and can keep a cat entertained for a long time. Many cats also enjoy toys that allow them to push things around, such as a ball on a track. The added benefit to a toy like this is that it may hopefully entertain any cat who enjoys the teachings of Isaac Newton. By that, of course, we mean cats who love to push things off of tables and counters! As we all know they’re simply testing gravity, because we know they wouldn’t do it just to do it, right?

Tip 3

Did you know that cats can enjoy music just like humans do? Surprisingly, cats can be soothed with music that clicks with them, which can help them relax more. You can test different genres of music to find something that meshes with them in a calming way, and it’s always fun to see what type of music your kitty likes! As we all know our mischievous kitties are really just curious, so some relaxing music can be a great idea when you’re not in the house and can’t monitor what they’re getting into. Plus, nothing makes a great picture like a kitten relaxing on the armrest of a couch while slow blinking to the tune of some classical music!


It may be another year, however to your cat it’s just another day with his/her favorite person. That’s you! We at Fussie Cat want to wish everyone a wonderful 2018 and we hope these tips can help you and your kitty get through the rest of winter!