What does the perfect Fourth of July consist of? BBQ, swimming, hanging out and fireworks. Although these all sound like a good time to you, the Fourth of July might be a stressful event for your furry friend. Here are some tips on how to keep your cat safety and calm during these events.

Keep Your Cat Indoors

Even if your cat has a lot of street smarts, the sound of fireworks can alarm him— causes him to become stress and disoriented. The last thing you want to do is have your cat in panic by himself on the streets. Fearful cats can lose all sense and worst-case scenario, run into ongoing traffic due to fear. Having your cat indoors during this time will eliminate any sudden movements, keeping your cat safe and away from danger.

A lot of people like to celebrate a couple of days before the Fourth of July. Make sure you keep your cat indoors a couple of days prior to ensure that he is safe.

Close All Windows and Doors

This is a given but be sure to close all windows and doors to eliminate some of the loud noises. You also don’t want your cat to dart out if he gets spooked. More pets go missing during the Fourth of July because of all of the fireworks. Try to prevent this by making sure that your cat doesn’t have an escape route to the outdoors.

Celebrate at Home

If possible, try to celebrate your Fourth of July at home. Being in the company of your cat will help comfort him during this stressful time. Your cat will appreciate that you are there, and it will help him to stay calmer. This will also let you be more in charge of the situation since you will be present during the noises from the fireworks.

While you are hanging out with your cat, be sure to stay calm. Your cat can read your body language, so if you feel anxious about a situation, he probably will start to feel unsure as well.

Set Up a “Safe Room”

If you are having guest over, make a safe room for your cat. Guest will go in and out, leaving an opening for your cat to bolt out. Having a safe room will ensure that your cat is safe and also more comfortable.
In the safe room, make sure to have a lot of places for your cat to hide, his favorite toys and his favorite bed—you want to make a comfort zone for him so anything that your cat likes, put in it the room for him.


Sometimes all your cat needs are some distractions. Put out an interactive toy for him to play with. Toys like an interactive motion cat toy or a tower ball toy. These toys will help stimulate your cat’s brain and might be a good distraction from all of the noise.

You can also put on some calm music to help drain some of the sound. You don’t need to blast the music, just enough for your cat to notice it. This can help with distracting your cat from the fireworks.


While the Fourth of July is filled with a lot of fun activities for you to enjoy, your furry friends most likely won’t be feeling the same—especially by the sound of fireworks. Make sure you keep your cat safe and calm during this time. Happy Fourth a July to all and their Fussie Cat!