by Soojin Um
Staff Writer

There’s nothing more frightening than the threat of fire in your home. When your cat is home alone or is left unmonitored, any number of accidents could lead to a devastating fire with no one around to help. A study by the National Fire Protection Association showed that around 1,000 fires are caused by pets every year. The possibility of fire is scary enough as it is in daily life, we certainly don’t need our furry friends adding to it. Here are some potential dangers, and tips on how to lessen the risk of fire.

shutterstock_586024898Knobs on stoves
Your cat may like to jump on the kitchen counters and the stove when you’re not home. After all, cats love to explore. If, however, they happen to knock the stove knob to the “on” position, that could lead to a fire. In fact, stovetops are the number one cause of pets starting fires. You can reduce this risk by putting on knob covers before leaving the house or going to bed. This provides an additional level of protection from your cats unwittingly turning on the stove. That could provide some peace of mind when you go to work.

cat-376910_1920In modern homes there may not be many instances of open flames anymore. However, there can be some times where you have them. For example, many people are fond of candles. It could even be a necessity if the power goes out during a storm. If you plan to light a candle or two, you might want to place them in an area where your cat can’t get to it. Cats are curious by nature and a dancing flame might entice them to swat at it. Even if this isn’t an issue, they can still knock over candles by accident. Also, never leave open flames unattended. Make sure all flames are extinguished before leaving the room, even if it’s just for a few seconds to get a snack or glass of water. The risk is just not worth it.


Monitored smoke detectors
shutterstock_290727053We all have to leave our homes every day, whether for work, running errands, going out to dinner, just living our lives. Our cats, therefore, are often left by themselves. If something should happen, we would not be there to help. Is there something we could do to give our feline family members some assurance when we’re not there? Monitored smoke detection systems might be that extra level of security. These are smoke and gas detectors that are linked to a monitored service. So if fire or smoke is detected, the system alerts the monitoring service and the fire department. Every second counts, and a service such as this could help avert a catastrophe.

There is nothing any of us can do to guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong. However, we can take steps to minimize risks and increase the safety of our loved ones. Fire safety is of paramount importance. There is a lot at stake, from our homes, to our pets, to our families. If we are mindful of these dangers, then maybe we can be better prepared and proactive. It doesn’t take a lot to maximize safety. Our loved ones are counting on us.

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