by Soojin Um
Staff Writer

It’s almost New Year’s, which means it’s time to make our New Year’s resolutions. It’s an annual ritual for millions of people. Keeping those resolutions, of course, is another matter. If you break one (or all) of them, nobody bats an eye, for who can cast the first stone. However, there is one type of resolutions you should make and keep: New Year’s resolutions for your pets. They can be for new and fun activities, or for healthy habits and routines. They can help us reconnect with our furry friends, and also keep them healthy and safe. So, without further ado, here are our suggestions for Pet New Year’s Resolutions.
Update tags and chip info
New Year’s is a good time for reminders. We use it to check the batteries in the smoke detectors, to inspect the brakes in our cars, and various other things that otherwise we might forget. Well, another thing you can and should add to that list is to make sure your cat’s license and chip information are up to date. It’s such a simple thing, but anything can happen at any time, and if your cat should get lost somehow, a quick check and (if needed) an update can spell the difference between lost and found, perhaps even life or death. It’s something that only takes a few minutes to do, but it could potentially save you and your cat a lifetime of worry.
Go to the vet for a checkup
No one likes going to the doctor, least of all pets. Just check out the multitude of videos of cats visiting the vet. They can be pretty hilarious. Well, for everybody except for those in the videos. It’s never a pleasant thing when it’s your turn. However, an annual checkup at the vet is one of the most important things you can do for your cats. It keeps your cat in tip top shape, and you’re able to head off most problems before they arise (or get worse). It’s good for cats, and it’s also good for your peace of mind.
Start a grooming routine
Grooming isn’t just about looking good, it’s also part of a healthy lifestyle. We wouldn’t question it if it was us we’re talking about, but somehow it doesn’t always resonate when it comes to cats. There’s more to grooming than just baths. In some cases obviously, a bath is warranted, especially if the cat spills something on itself. However, in most cases, daily brushing should be sufficient in keeping your cats clean and groomed. Brushing reduces the amount of hair your cat will ingest when self-grooming, and that can mean less hairballs coughed up. If you add regular combing for fleas, you will be helping your cat stay clean and healthy. That’s a bonus for you, your family, and your home too.
Spend more time with your pet
This last resolution should be the easiest and most pleasant to do: spend more time with your cat. It seems like a no-brainer, but in fact, we can take our furry family members for granted. We live busy lives in an increasingly busier world. For many people, when they come home from work, work can still continue. Even if we can relax, we often shut ourselves off to decompress. Daily tasks, like cleaning the litter or giving them dinner, are done in a robotic manner, just going through the motions. We are not there with our pets. They need love and attention just like our children do. Heck, they are our children for most people. Spending quality time with our cats should not be something we have to do, but something we look forward to doing. After all, what better way to decompress from a tough day than to play with our favorite pals? That content look on their faces and soft purring should be all we need to slow down this crazy world we live in and enjoy life.

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