Biting and then Licking You

There are multiple reasons why your cat bites and then licks you. The particular reason is dependent on the situation. To determine the reason your cat is biting and then licking, pay attention to their body language.

Here are the main reasons your cat could exhibiting the bite/lick behavior:

Mother cats will often lick and nip at their babies when they are grooming them. If your cat is doing this to you, it may be their attempt at grooming. Don’t take this the wrong way, they’re not trying to tell you that you smell. On the contrary, their grooming is a sign of affection.

If a kitten has been taken away from their litter mates at a young age, they may not have learned proper kitty etiquette in the form of bite inhibition.

If you’re a little too rough when you play with your cat, or you continue play too long, she will likely become agitated and may show the bite/lick behavior. If your cat’s ears are back, tail is twitching, or her body has become stiff, it’s time to back off.

This is most common in younger cats that have been taken away from their mother too soon. The behavior is very close to suckling and is likely comforting to your cat.

Does your cat show the bite/lick behavior? What is the most common reason for it? Let us know in the comments below.

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