by Soojin Um Staff Writer Valentine’s Day. A day to give your significant other some lovely flowers, a box of chocolates, and a night out. If it’s more of a casual acquaintance, such as a schoolmate or coworker (or that special someone you’re pining over), it can be a simple card, or maybe even a box of those heart shaped candies. Regardless, whatever your specific situation may be, when February 14th rolls around, we all have to be prepared with something. Except, however, most of us seem to forget about our pets. Upon reflection, that’s kind of sad. So we thought we’d put together a list of how we can include our furry companions in our Valentine’s Day plans. Go on a play date We all think of a date as a romantic outing where you stare into your significant other’s eyes and share a dessert. However, a date can be anything, and it’s usually when we go have fun with those we love. So, what better way to spend the day (or, if you must go to work ) the evening doing something really fun, like taking your cat to the park in a carrier backpack or cat stroller. You can even wait for the weekend, nothing says you must do something on the 14th. If your cat is up for it, perhaps a nice, relaxing drive out into the country. Sounds like a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Cat_PlayDate_shutterstock_75914254 Make a special dinner You know, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to put on the chef’s hat and cook a nice dinner for that special someone. Well, that special someone can also include your feline companion. Of course, you will want to keep in mind what cats can and cannot eat, and also be mindful of salt content and spices. However, a nice, home-cooked meal might be a great treat for your cat on this special day. There are plenty of recipe ideas online specifically for cats, or perhaps you have one in mind. You could even try a Fussie Cat formula you haven’t tried before. That can certainly count as a gourmet meal. Cat_SpecialDinner_shutterstock_210813619 A day at the spa Who wouldn’t love to spend a day at the spa? People giving you a relaxing massage, the grooming session, more massage, enjoying a mimosa… Well, your cat may not like the mimosa, but if your cat is gentle and chill, they could be in kitty paradise with all the pampering. Pet spas are a popular thing right now, and Valentine’s Day might be the perfect time for them to indulge. As stated earlier, if you can’t do it on the 14th itself, schedule it for the weekend. Don’t let a weekday holiday stop you from this great experience. Your cat will love you for it. Cat_Spa_shutterstock_1285398925 Spend some quiet quality time There’s nothing that says you have to do something extraordinary for Valentine’s Day. That certainly doesn’t mean you love your cat any less. It could just be that the best time to spend with your furry friend is some quiet, quality time. It can certainly include a special dinner as mentioned above. However, no matter what it may entail, in this crazy-busy world we live in, just some downtime with our favorite furry friend could just be the ticket to happiness. Why not snuggle up with your best friend and binge-watch that show you’ve been meaning to check out? The simple pleasures in life are often the best. Cat_QualityTime_shutterstock_744811618 So it’s Valentine’s Day. Your cat doesn’t have to be left out. There are plenty of activities that you and your significant other can do that includes your feline companion. There are also things you need to watch out for, such as giving your cat things like chocolates and candies. You definitely wouldn’t want to do anything that could pose a health threat to your fur baby. Beyond that, however, this could be the perfect time to give your feline companion a special day and a special treat. After all, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. Why not celebrate it with your furry loved ones? Please let us know your thoughts on this topic and/or give us feedback here or on Facebook.