Cats & Rats

by Soojin Um Staff Writer It’s the most iconic notion: cats catch rats. It’s the reason why cats were domesticated in the first place. People had to protect grain stores. It wasn’t birds or rabbits that raided these stores, but rats. To deal with them, humans employed the beautiful but aloof feline to do the […]

Best Cat Toys

by Soojin Um Staff Writer Cats and toys go together like burgers and fries, like ham and cheese, like Brussels sprouts and bacon (…Brussels sprouts?). Well, anyway, cats love to play with toys. They do so for good reason: they are practicing for the hunt. Even if they’re strictly indoor cats, it’s still important for […]

Witch, Please

by Soojin Um Staff Writer Halloween has plenty of iconic imagery, from ghosts and goblins, to witches and vampires, jack-o-lanterns, spooky mansions, and… black cats. Just how did black cats become a part of Halloween tradition, and why are they considered scary and evil? For that, let’s take a look at the fascinating, and sometimes […]

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